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What is Fraxion?

Blockchain-powered platform for real estate investors to create generational wealth

FraXion creates “Digital Asset Partners” by offering security tokens backed by income producing real estate properties, thereby creating digital assets that have the potential to be traded and easily exchanged providing flexibility and liquidity options for potential investors.

FraXion is a non-traditional real estate investment platform utilizing the latest blockchain technology that will provide individuals, not just institutions, with access to distinguished real estate development ventures, side-by-side with large development groups and some of the most recognized institutional partners in the world.



Tokenization is the process of turning things into digital assets. At the most basic level, a token is a representation of a particular asset or utility.

Traditionally, investing directly in real estate locks up investor capital for several years (termed a “hold period”), with no guarantees of a successful or profitable exit.



Fractionalization: Tokenization of real estate allows one property to be owned by more investors.

Digital Asset Partners: Investment process becomes easier and digital.

Provide liquidity: Security tokens can be traded reducing risk for investors.

Access global investors: Investors from around the world can purchase a fraction of a real estate asset.



Tokenization is the process of turning things into digital assets. At the most basic level, a token is a representation of a particular asset or utility.

Traditionally, investing directly in real estate locks up investor capital for several years (termed a “hold period”), with no guarantees of a successful or profitable exit.

How it works


Investor with $25,000 or more

Log on to FraXion Dashboard

Completes KYC/AML

Becomes A FraXion Digital Asset Partner

$25,000 Investment Committed To Development Partners

5-year hold period earning 10% per annum

Token Maturity $37,500 Returned To Digital Asset Partner

Fraxion Token

The fraxion token details

The FraXion Token is an application blockchain asset that is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership of a blockchain asset is established by recording on the blockchain ledger the owner’s unique identifier address, or “public address,” and the amount of the asset held by such address. FraXion tokens represent digital assets invested exclusively in real estate projects managed by tier-1 real estate development partners.

FraXion tokens represent digital assets invested exclusively in real estate projects managed by tier-1 real estate development partners. The partner funds are highly diversified, holding only institutional grade real estate properties and assets located in some of the most desirable locations in the United States.

Token Symbol


Token Start Date

February 2023

Tokens for sale


Token Price

$1.00 USD








Managing Director, Digital Assets

Demetrius Ford

Mr. Ford brings more than 25 years of experience in corporate finance, business development, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. He is currently serving as the Director of Marketing for ARM Holdings, LP. Demetrius has successfully assisted in raising more than $50 million for both public and private companies and has held the position of Director of Investor Relations for several publicly traded companies. Licensed as a Series 24 (Securities Principal) and Series 7 (Registered Representative), Mr. Ford started in the securities industry as a stockbroker, but quickly rose through the ranks, earning promotions to Compliance Officer, Sales Manager and Branch Manager. 

Mr. Ford eventually started his own investment banking firm in 1997, and in 1999, he founded M2M Capital Corporation, a company focused on assisting minority and women owned businesses with access to corporate finance, business planning and mergers and acquisitions.

From 2009 to the end of 2015, Mr. Ford served as Director of Investor Relations for Empire Diversified Energy (OTCQB: MPIR), a publicly traded renewable energy company. Mr. Ford left Empire to form Ford Capital Partners, LLC, and currently runs the firm as its Managing Director. In late 2021, he co-founded Randolph & Main Capital Group, LLC, a FinTech firm with a focus on tokenizing tangible assets.

In 2004, Mr. Ford formed Trinity Sports and Entertainment Group and through that entity, acquired the rights to the Miami ABA (American Basketball Association) professional basketball franchise. Around the same time, Demetrius and another business partner formed Big Dogg Distributors, LLC for the purpose of becoming the Florida Master Distributor for Pit Bull Energy Drink.

Demetrius served his country honorably, both in the US Navy (1984-1988) and in the US Marine Corps (1990-1994), being honorably discharged from both branches of service. He received his bachelor’s in Business Management from Barrington University while serving in the US Marine Corps.

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Managing Director, Real Estate


Nathan is a social innovator with unique experience in both the public and private sectors. He has over 20 years
of experience in business, entrepreneurship and real estate. He is currently broker/manager of Randolph &
Main Realty Group, LLC., which specializes in residential and commercial real estate services and investments.
He is also the founder and director of Helping Our Nations Empowering Youth Ventures, Inc. (HONEY Ventures),
an enterprising nonprofit organization that promotes economic development through the effective utilization of
technology and social enterprise.

In 2000, he created and launched the VirtuPass Corporation, an alternative payment platform company that
provided secure and anonymous online transactions. 

As president and CEO, Mr. Burrell successfully guided the
company from start-up, seed and 1st round capital acquisition to product launch. Nathan is called a “Social
Entrepreneur” and has won numerous awards for his community involvement and outreach, such as the “Sister
Cities International Innovation: Youth and Education” Award. As an author, speaker and entrepreneur, Nathan
has a desire to inspire and empower people to fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny in life. He believes
that no one is worthless and can make a difference now, no matter their age or station in life.

Nathan was appointed as a Digital Divide Council Member for the State of Florida and was a Board Member of
Greater Ft. Lauderdale Sister Cities International. He is a former member on the Board of Governors for Keiser
University and served on the Board for Junior Achievement South Florida. Nathan holds a Bachelors degree in
Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Jacksonville University.

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Executive Director

Anthony R. Morgenthau

Anthony R Morgenthau brings more than five decades of proven success in the areas of investment banking, tax and estate planning, oil and gas exploration, real estate investing and venture funding of early-stage companies.

For the past 50 years, Mr. Morgenthau has been an investor, and involved in management and operation of companies in several industries. It is his diversified experiences that gives

Fraxion  unique perspective in evaluating investment opportunities and a pipeline to many people that can help their investments reach their objectives.

He founded Morgenthau and Associates (a FINRA Broker Dealer) in 1973 and was the firm’s financial principle registered with the SEC. He formed ARM Holdings, LP in 1997 and in 2006 Anthony founded and funded the Morgenthau Accelerator Fund, LP.   

In 2001 Mr. Morgenthau along with his wife Beth Ann  founded and were actively in volved in the day-to-day management of BAM Racing LLC, a NASCAR race team.

Currently, Mr. Morgenthau serves in various capacities with multiple companies. For the past 20 years Mr. Morgenthau has been on the board and a major investor in CTRL Systems Inc. He is the co-founder and on the board of B&T Technologies Inc ( a Food Waste To Animal Feed Company). He is the founder and manager of Hyperion Solutions Inc. ( a cannabis producer and laboratory). He is the co-founder Randolph and Maine Capital Group and sits on its board of managers ( a Real Estate Investment Company). He received his Bachelor’s degree from Westminster College.

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Managing Director, Ecosystem

Jeannette Spaulding

Jeannette is an experienced innovation executive, currently leading the asset tokenization consultancy Tokenwise. She previously served as CEO of Inveniam Asset Management following her tenure as President, Inveniam Data Oracles. Prior to that, she was Vice President, Integration Technology at BNY Mellon as well as Vice President, Strategy & Governance within Bank of America’s Global Banking and Markets Technology division. Before becoming a technologist, she was an investment strategist within BlackRock’s Outsourced Chief Investment Officer team, which had $400+ billion of assets under management.

Jeannette has been deeply embedded in the digital asset space since 2017, having founded the consulting firm Crypto Research Group. As a result, she has worked with numerous startups pioneering solutions in blockchain and tokenization. Jeannette has spoken at over a dozen strategy and technology events and has earned her teams coverage in Bloomberg and the Financial Times. She graduated cum laude from Columbia University and holds a Master in Finance and Strategy from Sciences Po Paris, one of France’s “Grandes Écoles.” She also holds a Master of Science in Sustainable Development from Uppsala University, where she was a University Scholar.

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Managing Director, Marketplace

Anthony Simone

Anthony has spent the past 20 years developing financial and legal solutions for his clients. After earning his JD, he earned his Series 7 license and worked for several broker-dealers over the course of a decade. He served in this capacity at some of the world’s largest financial institutions — such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, American Express and Citizens Bank. As Associate Vice President at People’s United Bank, he developed sophisticated investment strategies within discretionary trust accounts for high-net-worth individuals in service of their estate planning needs.


Anthony has also championed investor interests by representing investors and registered representatives in legal disputes with financial institutions. A longtime advocate of frontier technologies, Anthony now provides asset tokenization solutions as Co-Founder of Tokenwise. Anthony graduated with distinction from The Pennsylvania State University and holds a Juris Doctor from Western New England University.

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Chief Financial Officer

Rashidah Billups

A finance and technology professional for over 15 years, Rashidah “Roz” Billups is a leader in advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in community development finance (CDF), an industry that serves many Black and Latinx communities yet remains seriously under-represented by BIPOC professionals.  She is the inaugural executive director of Open Access, a national nonprofit organization launched in 2020 to increase representation and leadership of Black and Latinx professionals in all facets of CDF including real estate, construction, accounting, legal, underwriting, architecture, and development. 

Rashidah was chosen for her experience, her commitment to expanding opportunities, and her leadership and advocacy skills. Herself a graduated Fellow of Open Access, today, in collaboration with its co-founders, she operates the organization on all levels: selecting fellowship candidates and placing them with sponsors, interacting with fellows and sponsors, sponsor recruitment, launching a capital campaign, organizing networking events and promoting and increasing alumni engagement. Rashidah has spoken at conferences and events nationwide to heighten awareness of the lack of DEI in the industry and has inspired companies to take action. Rashidah holds a B.S. in finance from William Paterson University and C-Tech & CISCO certifications in fiber optics and network cabling. She studied abroad at Cambridge University, exploring intellectual property rights in the US, UK and China, and was Assistant Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Currently as an advisor to startups through her own firm, Park Place Consultants, Rashidah secured funding enabling companies to develop innovative, non-traditional products including the newly minted Fraxion Token and Fraxion Marketplace.

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What is an STO?

The process of selling legally compliant security tokens is referred to as a Security Token Offering (STO). STOs are a fundraising platform that can facilitate tokenization; a model like ICOs, but with a greater degree of compliance in mind. Driven by the concept of security tokens, STOs are backed by real assets and seek to follow a regulator’s guidance and abide by other mainstream jurisdictional rules.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?

Currently, FraXion can only be purchased with fiat currency.

How Can I become a Digital Asset Partner?

Simply click on the link buy token and you will be taken through our secure, private portal to verify your digital wallet. You will then be issued a FraXion token that will contain an Ethereum-based smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each digital token represents fractional ownership interest in income earned through RMCG Digital Holdings, Ltd., investments and the right to share in the profits of income-producing properties.

How do I benefit from the FraXion Token?

FraXion is a unique, smart token that is secure, with an easy-to-use investment platform offering security tokens backed by income producing real estate properties. Thereby creating digital assets that have the ability to be traded and easily exchanged providing flexibility and potential liquidity options for our Digital Asset Partners.



Contact Information

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